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Tyson Clay, DWD Facilitator

Tyson has been investing in real estate for the past 3 years, 1 of which have been full time. In that time, he and his team has competed 9 fix and flip investments, acquired 4 short term rentals, raised capital, and put close to $1M to work in real estate as of the date of this writing. He loves helping people get into real estate and is excited for the growth of his company. Tyson loves engaging in personal development; focusing on mindset, relationship tools, relationship knowledge, and continuous education in business, investing, and financial literacy. Hobbies include mountain biking, rock climbing, motorcycle trips, meeting people, and everything that has to do with a mountain.

“I am a child of divorce. My experience has taught me that there are some relationship skills I learned from parents that are destructive to a relationship, and that it’s important to learn a more constructive way. I’ve learned how damaging divorce can be to children, and have deep respect for other children of divorce who have good mental health and functioning. I’m always working to forge the best habits, especially boundaries, which define what I will and will not do, what is and is not my responsibility.”