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Ryan Wilson, DWD Facilitator

Ryan’s career expands over several industries, but, regardless of the industry, the nucleus of his work has always been to help people. He has an insatiable appetite for helping others, and his goal is to constantly inspire people to be their best selves personally and professionally through the use of practical strategies; empowering others in taking positive strides to move forward mentally, emotionally, and physically. As part of his journey in helping others, he coaches/trains individuals in connecting both the mind/body during their fitness journey. Beyond fitness, Ryan enjoys dabbling in different cultures and activities that allow him to step outside of his comfort zone. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with the family.

“Traditionally Caribbean families don’t divorce; they have lifelong separations without legally ending the marriage; that would also include my parents. It’s a model that can lead a child to become very confused. So, I’ve learned how to evolve beyond divorce and separation and never identify the end of a romantic relationship as a failed relationship because each relationship teaches you something about yourself and prepares you for the next one. If you focus on self-growth, you are making yourself better for the person you will ultimately spend the rest of your life with.”