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Rebekah Leavitt-Hatch, Vice President & Co-Founder

Rebekah is the Vice President and Co-Founder of DWD, and is currently the acting president of the DWD club at BYU. She is working on a degree in Psychology with a minor in Civic Engagement Leadership and emphasises in Social Impact and Family Policy. After completing her undergraduate, she plans to go to law school and then work in family law to gain tactical understanding of issues facing divorcing families. After that, she wants to shift to public policy or nonprofit advocacy for families. Her passion is preventing and mitigating detrimental effects of divorce and parental separation on children and families.

“I once heard grief described as a helix rather than a process, meaning that we move through the same stages of grief multiple times, constantly revisiting and mourning difficult losses with each new phase of our life. That has been my experience with my parents’ divorce. I revisited the denial, the anger, the bargaining, the depression, and the acceptance when I experienced my first relationship, when I married my husband, when we had our first fight. It comes back in unexpected ways, forcing me to sit with my pain like it is a mean, old friend, both familiar and unwanted. By accepting the frequent visits of my own pain, my eyes have been opened to the reality of the pain that frequents my friends and loved ones, and how no one ever truly stops mourning the loss of a person, the loss of a relationship, the loss of a home. My journey in healing from divorce helps me see that we all have mean, old friends who visit unexpectedly, and has compelled me to become more concerned with preventing and mitigating any experiences that create pain. Most importantly, my experience with divorce has helped me be compassionate, build connections, and become comfortable with the valid existence of my own mean, old friend.”