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Natalie Jackson, DWD Facilitator

Natalie started her professional career as a Meteorology graduate and quickly shifted to leading wilderness expeditions with teens. Most recently, she has started her own business as a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach to empower people to feel vibrant and alive through automating self-care habits. Most remember her bright energy and laugh. She has a passion for human-powered adventures like bikepacking and SUP/canoe paddling with her partner, Lucas, and thrive living minimally in their van and tiny house.

“With over 15+ years of facilitator experience, I’m excited to be a DWD Facilitator. I’ve cultivated a tool box of strategies of how to manage my stress, grief, confusion, and anger around divorce. When my parents divorced when I was 10 years old, I was told (and believed) it wasn’t my fault. I’ve learned how to take my defense mechanisms that helped me as a child and have transformed them into my strongest characteristics as an adult to be resilient, adaptable, and community focused.”