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Maggie Contador, DWD Facilitator

Maggie is currently a Program Administrator for a training school in Oregon. In the last few years, she has completed her bachelor’s degree in professional psychology and is pursuing her master’s degree in adult and higher education. She is expected to graduate in June, 2022. Attending school and working keep Maggie very busy, but during her downtime she enjoys working out, doing yard work and refinishing furniture. 

“I went through a divorce in North Carolina in 2015. North Carolina requires a 1 year separation period, so it was a long process. I have a special needs daughter who is 17, and a neuro-typical son who is 11. So often, the only support that you can get while going through a divorce is in the form of legal help, but there are so many emotions that need to be processed. I’m excited to be involved in an organization that supports those who are experiencing this and provides a safe place to process their feelings.”