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Linda Weston, DWD Facilitator

Linda wants to combine her skills as a social worker, adult educator, and corporate trainer, along with her life experience and faith in God, to “Give back” at this stage of her life. Her goal is to facilitate meaningful group interactions that help others going through the difficult transitions that come with divorce.

“[Divorce] taught me the importance of choosing wisely when deciding on a marriage partner. My first marriage consideration was more about not wanting to be alone and filling a hole that really can’t be filled by another person. I realized that I choose a person that was on my own level of mental health and I should have waited. Taking responsibility for those choices helped me to move forward and not get lost in feeling like a victim. I’ve also understood the importance of commitment, faith and what love really means when building a life and family with another, through all of life’s ups and downs. I came out the other side and found a wonderful husband of 23 years. It hasn’t always been easy, but the fulfillment of sharing our lives and knowing, this time, I did choose wisely and came to the realization the “grass is greener” right under my own feet.”