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Kimberly Dunham, DWD Facilitator

Kimberly has spent over 28 years in the corporate world in various positions which have afforded her the growth and learning about how to deal with people from varied backgrounds and levels. She has facilitated trainings and planned events. She works in human resources and is a certified life coach. Kimberly loves working with people to bring out the best in them so that they can lead their best and fullest life. Her greatest joy is seeing others succeed and overcome obstacles in their lives.

“I’ve grown a great deal since my parent’s divorce and my own. The growth that has come from both situations is exponential. I learned that I was not the cause of my parent’s divorce but a casualty in the process. I learned to love them both individually for who they were and to understand how collectively they could not be together but worked together for the best interests of me and my siblings. I stopped blaming them and started loving them for who they were. From my own divorce I learned that there are some situations that cannot be resolved and reconciliation is not always the best route in instances of abuse and violence. I learned how to not be a victim but a victor and that I am worthy of being treated with love, compassion and respect. I have learned to love myself and see the good things in life and not dwell on the past mistakes and issues. Divorce has made me stronger than I was and helped me grow and provide for my needs and those of my children. It is a continuous growth process where I am learning new things all the time.”