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Keith Rickelman, DWD Facilitator

Keith Rickelman has over 17 years of experience in management and leadership roles. Keith has served in the US military and also served as a Reserve Police officer. Keith obtained his coaching certification in 2015 as tool for management and helping others find solutions to dilemmas in their lives. Keith has extensive life experience in both business and personal relationship building. He has been educated by life and is very passionate about helping others find strength and healing within themselves. Keith’s interests include: music, playing drums, poetry, and coaching.

“Divorce is a negative event in the lives of so many. As a participant of 2 divorces, I can honestly say that neither one was an enjoyable or overly positive experience. However, instead of focusing on the negativity that encompasses divorce, we have the choice to either let it bring us down or it can drive us to grow and persevere from it. A few areas in my life, where I have grown, are: my ability to cope with difficult situations, the strength to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles get in my way, my understanding of people, love, and forgiveness, and I am more motivated and driven to reach my goals.”