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Ingrid Hart, DWD Facilitator

“As a 27-year-old bride when I spoke the words, ‘I do,’ at our wedding, I meant it with every fiber of my being. My former husband and I tried for 14 years to make our relationship work. Unfortunately, both of us could not keep the promise we made. In short, we were not compatible. When we divorced, we made a new vow, ‘make it about the children.’ And to this day we practice this oath at every birthday, graduation, and wedding that brings us together. After all these years it does get easier and sometimes it does get hard. One of the many ways I’ve grown through divorce is to remember, ‘it’s not about me.;’ I remove my feelings and emotions from the equation and simply focus on how beneficial it is to our adult children to have their mother and father present for memorable occasions. This one selfless act of kindness to the greater good fills my heart with pride. Both my former husband and I and our cooperative new spouses are role models for the next generation. Bringing our divorce full circle creates a sense of wellbeing and faith that love does continue, it simply takes on a new form.”