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Hiroko Kemmethmueller, DWD Facilitator

Hiroko believes that one of the most powerful tools we have to help overcome the difficult situations in our lives is our own ability to change our thinking and to be able to focus on positive solutions. She also believes that empathy for others as well as empathy for ourselves has become lost in our world today. Empathy is such a crucial component in healing ourselves as well as aiding the healing of those around us. Working to focus on realistic solutions rather than on emotionally charged experiences is needed to help us move forward and find the joy in our lives. In life, we can be better for it instead of bitter from it. Hiroko’s approach to facilitating and coaching is understanding that we all have different life experiences that shape and mold us. It is in the understanding where we have the ability to move forward and become the best versions of ourselves. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach with certifications in CBT, REBT and DBT.

“I often got caught up in focusing on the emotional charged situations rather than focusing on what I could control in my life. I wanted others to feel sorry for me as I sought comfort with the trauma responses I was experiencing. I would go to my adult children for understanding and validation, not realizing I was stunting their own healing they were wanting and needing after the divorce. By shifting my focus from what I couldn’t control into what I could control, this allowed me to step out of the victim cycle, heal quicker and find progression in my life. It also allowed me to be a better parent with a stronger relationship with my kids as I no longer felt the need to find emotional validation from them.”