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Emily Osprey, DWD Facilitator

Emily is a DWD facilitator for the Divorcee Support Group. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her cat. She has a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and French Language + Literature, and she is currently in school for her master’s degree in French-English and Spanish-English translation. She owns two businesses; one where she works with female entrepreneurs on their digital marketing strategy and the other a handcrafted textile business. In her spare time, you can find her hunting for the best latte in town, tending to a multitude of houseplants, or training for her next marathon.

"My divorce taught me so many things, but the most important one: empathy. We may never understand the complexities of another person's relationship, and it is in that awareness itself that we find empathy. It's okay to remember good and bad things, and it's okay that both existed simultaneously. We can learn so much from each other, and I am so excited and grateful for all that DWD is doing to further this mission!"