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Brooklyn Akins, DWD Facilitator

Brooklyn is a DWD facilitator for the Divorcee Support Group. She was born and raised in Southern Utah and after graduating high school, studied at Utah Valley University as a member of the Ambassadors program. Brooklyn pursued her love of helping children by becoming a pediatric dental assistant for 5 years. Within the last year she traded in her scrubs to become a full time mom. She enjoys plants, creating, entertaining, and good conversations. 

"Going through my divorce taught me to be more aware of those around me. For a massive part of my previous marriage no one knew I was silently suffering. I ached for someone to reach out to me. After a breaking point, I was able to connect with a small circle of people who took the time to listen to me and who helped me heal. I am forever grateful for them. Take the time to really listen and empathize with people. My divorce has taught me that no one is perfect and there is always another chance to become better and to become stronger. Take the time to be more kind and make an extra effort to only speak about the GOOD in others. There are people everywhere who are silently suffering--be the reason to give them hope!”