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Our Mission

To mitigate the negative effects of divorce in the lives of individuals, families, and society. We are dedicated to creating safe-to-share environments that help individuals come to peace with their past, feel support in the present, and provide education to help prevent divorce in their future. 

Our Theology

There are two options: bravely face the dragons in your life, or wait for them to come & find you. If one does not deal with the emotional trauma and issues that come from broken family systems he/she will likely suppress negative emotions and perpetuate unhealthy cycles. 

Our Story

Dealing with Divorce originated as a club on Brigham Young University’s campus in 2018. The club functioned as a support group on campus for Adult Children of Divorce, Divorcees, and anyone else affected by divorce.  The club proved impactful and was awarded grant money to be made into a nonprofit. In March of 2020, a small team was formed to create the DWD nonprofit.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DWD had to shift its operations. Instead of working to create on-campus clubs, DWD now provides virtual support groups for individuals dealing with divorce worldwide. Adapting to the pandemic has allowed DWD to have a broader reach & bigger impact. Our vision moving forward is to continue to provide virtual support groups, implement clubs on university campuses, and eventually start mentorship programs for middle school and high school youth.

Our Team